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To Code or not to Code?

It's no secret that the technology world of today offers a million different paths, platforms and ways to utilise the world wide web to expand your business. For a tech newbie this can be quite terrifying! This fear gets even worse when you look at exactly what a tech genius can do. Coding is one of those things. Coding covers front end, back end, frameworks, programming languages, the list goes on and on.

The first time you fix your eyes on a websites code can look scary, confusing and impossible. Try it now, right click on a web-page and click Inspect. Clever right! ALL websites contain code.

You might think from reading above that I actually know what I am talking about but to be honest I don't.

Our web design company uses website building platforms to create your beautiful sites. There is a huge amount of skill in this, manipulating elements to design and build functional and responsive websites that translate well onto mobile screens as well as desktop. There is also the ability to understand a clients views and wishes and adapt them into something amazing that drives customers and conversions to them. This, coupled with an understanding of the background processes to optimise your marketing strategy and SEO, ensures you really do reach your full potential. Our use of website building platforms means we can offer all the skill and finished product of a coded site but with reasonable costs and a much quicker turnaround.

That's not to say that coding doesn't have it's merits because it absolutely does. A coded from scratch website literally has no limits. It can be moulded exactly to your dream and any issues and bugs can be fixed by your developer. They wrote the code so they can fix it. This is a big positive over website builder's but it does mean that costs increase and turnaround time will be extended. A coding genius is worth their weight in gold and they charge accordingly for their skills.

Coding is a huge undertaking but it is something Four Hounds will offer in the future. Our journey has begun with the basics already (HTML, CSS and Javascript)

I will keep you updated with blog posts detailing the journey!

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