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The moment of realisation.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Every person in every country of the world has a dream. Some have known it since they spoke their first words, some figure it out randomly at a pivotal moment in their life and some, like us search and search for it and eventually are lucky enough to find it.

Not knowing your dream is not a failure.

But finding your dream is absolute bliss.

The excitement, the passion, the butterflies in your stomach as you put everything you’ve got into making it a reality.

That’s how it was for Becky and I.

Web design and building has always been an interest, we are those people that inspect the codes on other websites and get excited when we spot a great one. We look at websites and think how they could do better.

It started with a general conversation. We were discussing a company that had such huge potential but no online presence beyond a Facebook page. It made no sense to us why you would not utilise technology to expand the business to new heights. So we asked ourselves, why don’t we do it? Why don’t we help those people and businesses?

Becky is a complete creative genius. What she doesn’t know about designing the perfect graphic isn’t worth knowing. She doesn’t stick to the rules and doesn’t see limits. If a client has a particular image in their head she will find a way to make it come alive. You’ll have noticed our site is very ‘out there’ and unique because that is how we are as people. We wanted our site to reflect our personalities and that is how we want all the sites we build to be. We want clients to look at what we have created and see themselves, their business and their ambitions.

On the other side you have me, the writer, the tech girl. I am the one that can write every bit of content for your site if needed. I only need a few words and ideas from a client that I can then transform into an eloquent and exciting text. I can adapt my style to your personality. Are you bubbly and excitable? Your website will be too! Is calm and classy more your style? Professional? Technical? Whoever you are and however your business is, all content is created with you in mind.

It doesn’t stop there though, there is a lot of background work to make sure your presence on the internet is great, driving relevant traffic to your site and converting visitors to customers. Through a range of tools we can help place you high on search engines so people searching for what you offer find you.

You’ve worked hard to build your business. Now let us work hard to expand your reach and send your sales through the roof.

Let us build the website you deserve.

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