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Finally home!

Spain was almost inevitable. Somewhere HOT was always guaranteed I think.

Growing up in Spain I never seemed to enjoy living in the UK.

At the age of 20 it hit me ‘twitchy feet’ I knew I needed to leave.

AUSTRALIA I had family there so it seemed like a great idea. The year flew by! I met amazing people, one of which almost 10 years later is almost like a sister.

Returning to the UK after that year, the next 8 months felt like torture going back into mundane 9-5 in the office. It is dark when you leave the house and dark when you get home. Rains on the weekends so it’s hard to plan anything. There had to be more! So I decided to take 2 months at my parents house in Spain to figure out my next move.

When I tell you I stepped into that house and it just clicked, I mean it. I was home. My plan still was 2 months. Then it became “If I get a job I can maybe stay a little longer”. To me securing a better job than originally having in the UK.

Then one day a little piggy face pops up on my Facebook. French Bulldog rescue pups 5 weeks old. I didn’t even check that my parents were happy for a dog to be in their holiday home. I thought “how could they not be?” and I was right .. after some time.

One job change later is how me and Stephanie met. We both work remotely for the same UK based company.

After meeting my partner Danny almost 3 years ago, we decided after 4 months he would move to Spain … and covid! Our plans were delayed but finally in August 2020 he moved here.

We have recently moved into our own home and are renovating it top to bottom.

We are now a family of 4 after an 8 weeks old Belgian Malinois rescue, Kief joined our little pack 3 months ago.

As these blogs go on I’m sure you’ll get to know a lot more about them all!

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